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Health Habits: Protect Against Cancer

Cancer is still one of the biggest threats to your life. Medical advances have made cancer a little less of an absolute death sentence, but it’s still pretty scary. Life in our modern world makes it nearly impossible to keep toxins out of our bodies… and one result of an overly-toxic life can be the growth of cancer. New research, though, points out the cancer-fighting qualities of certain nutrients you may be overlooking…

Enhance Your Blood Flow Putting These Nutrients Into Your Diet

Poor blood circulation in its mildest can be uncomfortable, causing extremities to be cold and aching, in addition to a feeling of being dizzy or lightheaded. All of course are caused by blood, and therefore nutrients, not being able to reach your outer areas in sufficient amounts. If left untreated heart disease and stroke could come into the picture, making the situation something you would rather nip in the bud early.

Are Systemic Enzymes the Missing Link to Overcoming Chronic Infections?

Through the advances of “modern antibiotics” and genetically modified organisms, mankind has managed to unleash superbugs upon humanity for which conventional medicine currently has no answer. Chronic, persistent infections are becoming more and more common, and increasingly more difficult to treat. New super strains of microbes have been bioengineered for a vast array of uses, from agricultural and industrial to medical and military (bioweapons). It seems that whenever mankind chooses to cross the line between created and creator, there are unintended consequences. However, with or without our intervention, microorganisms have proven to be quite resourceful themselves. One example of this is biofilm formation – the organized and purposeful assembly of microbes into a localized community for protection and mutual support. Patients confront this problem with virtually all medical implants, and “biofilm strategies” may be largely responsible for many other types of chronic infections that appear to be unaffected by repeated exposures to prescription antibiotics. Fortunately, there is a safe and natural way to minimize biofilm formation in the body, thereby depriving the microbes of their “safe haven” and exposing them to our full immune arsenal.

Drinking Tea – A Healthy Beverage

The wonderful health benefits from drinking tea! People drink tea for many different reasons such as stress, energy, cleansing and simply for enjoyment. Teas can come from plants, shrubs and bushes. Blending teas has been around for a long time, try a few combinations and create your own special blend.

Find Out Why You Need Antioxidants To Be Healthy – Camu Camu Is An Excellent Source

Vitamins C and E are some of the compounds present in many fruits and vegetables, these are known as antioxidants. The Camu Camu Berry has a very high content of vitamin C and E and is a very powerful antioxidant. With a consistent amount of antioxidants flowing through your body you have a much higher chance of avoiding most serious diseases and illnesses that are common today. The current modern American diet is sorely lacking in adequate levels of antioxidants. The levels of vitamin C and D are all insufficient to avoid the possibility of heart attacks and strokes. It is estimated that every other American will suffer a heart attack or stroke in their future.

The Facts On Flax

Flax seed oil is the richest source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a member of the omega-3 essential fatty acid family. Because our body is unable to manufacture essential fatty acids (EFAs), they must be consumed through our diet.

How to Lose Weight With a Diet Rich in Saturated Fats

People searching how to lose weight with a diet will be happy to know they can include in their diet plans several forbidden foods. Evidence supports that dieting may be fun as well.

The Science of Healthy Eating

There is so much confusing and contradictory information out there about healthy eating. I will try to summarize what I have learned as a bodybuilder who wants to stay healthy as I age. The choices of foods that we can now can have a significant effect not only on our body shape and quality of life, but also mortality and on how well we age.

The Various Types of Juicers

If you are considering getting a juicer there are many things that you will need to consider. Things like your budget and what the top price you want to spend on your juicer and what brand of juicer you want to purchase. You will also have to consider the types of juicers when you want to purchase a juicer.

How to Find the Best Juice Extractor

In today’s world we are constantly being driven both on television and by our doctor’s to get healthy. With so many bad foods out there for us today many doctors as well as people on television are pushing for us to make sure that we get all of our necessary vitamins and minerals. Doing so can be a pain and not everyone has the time or place to be able to take a handful of vitamins or sit down and eat fruits and vegetables all day.

Sense of Taste After Tonsillectomy

Effects of Tonsillectomy on Sense of Taste Taste after tonsillectomy or sense of taste are subjects of much discussion on the tonsillectomy forum. The experience of tonsillectomy has rippling effects upon individuals, beginning with the anticipation of surgery and, hopefully, extending long after surgery in improved quality of life.

Shrink Belly Fat – Mediterranean Diet – Old Secrets From The Olive Tree

Ever taken a look at your belly fat and tried to correct it just with your hand? Playing in its hugeness just to see what it can do, like its an individual with its own personality. The facts are most people with belly fat don’t really notice it until its time to take off their shirts and bare all.

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