Use Apple Cider Vinegar Daily to Prevent Muscle Cramps ❓

How to Naturally Stop Heartburn Fast, Tips For Heartburn Patients

Are you a heartburn (also known as acid reflux symptom) sufferer on a frequent basis? Is it making it difficult to enjoy eating or enjoy that your gala feast at your favorite Mexican restaurant? If that is the case you need to continue reading because there are lots of things you can do that will help you get rid of the discomfort quick.

Making Life Easier After a Colostomy

Living with a colostomy can be overwhelming, both physically and mentally. Here are some helpful tips to make the first few months easier.

Lubricating Your Dry Throat and Dry Mouth

A well lubricated throat is a necessity for people who use their voice extensively. Difficulty speaking is just the “tip of the iceberg” in terms of symptoms for people with dry mouth. Many drugs and diseases cause this problem, which result in a multitude of oral and dental complications. There are solutions from drinking liquids to mouth rinses and sprays. These solutions result in temporary relief. As an alternative, there is new lozenge that is long lasting and lubricates the throat.

Effective Ways Of Teaching Pranayama

Pranayama is the practice of controlling breathing. It is as important to Yoga as mental stability is to general wellbeing. The proper technique of teaching Pranayama has almost been lost due to the present day attention that is given to paying…

Is Stress On The Increase? Stress Control Management Is It Working Today?

Is stress on the increase? My memory of years ago was stress was not an issue. I remember not only all the outdoor activities including going out and picking fresh fruits and vegetables.

Synaesthesia – A Fascinating Condition

Can you see sounds? Can you smell colors? Can you taste shapes? If you answer ‘yes’ to one of these questions you have a fascinating condition – synaesthesia

Understanding Stroke Types and Symptoms

This article explains the types of stroke as well as signs and symptoms in layman’s terms. People have a hard time understanding what something may mean when a doctor diagnoses a stroke. This is a guide to help understand what it is and how to detect it.

A Guide To Yoga Instructor Ethics

Yoga is much more than a way to get your body in shape. It is a way of life with its own moral code that serious Yoga practitioners are expected to follow. These principles have been passed down for many generations. Now that Yoga has become the…

Discover Yoga For Skeletal Health

When we think of the benefits of yoga, we tend to think about increased flexibility and muscle tone. While those are indeed benefits of doing yoga, there is one more area you should know about. A daily routine that includes yoga for skeletal health

Teaching Kids Yoga Classes Is Fun And Educational For Adults As Well!

In the never-ending battle to find activities for kids, there is one activity that is often overlooked. The practice of yoga, which is well known to calm the stresses and problems of adult life, can also be used in order to teach kids great habits…

Ways to Eat More Protein

Protein is one of the most expensive sources of energy our bodies need to function properly. However, there are inexpensive ways to sneak protein into your meals on a daily basis. With a little planning, you can enjoy protein on a budget.

Alternative and Complementary Treatment Options for Children

Western medicine has come a long way, yet, there are many who still seek alternative options that either replace or complement what conventional medicine has to offer and especially when it comes to certain types of prescription medications. There are two approaches to this, “complementary” and “alternative, while sometimes these terms are used synonymously, in reality, they are very different. Complementary means to utilize various other approaches in conjunction with modern medicine techniques. “Alternative” refers to the use of non-mainstream techniques instead of conventional medicine. The later is hardly every used, while the former, complementary approach, is one that is becoming more and more popular with adults and also for use in children.

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