Ventilation vs Oxygenation vs Respiration: What is the Difference?

Recipes for Paleo Diet

Technically, looking into Paleo diet, it seems different and unique right? But looking onto it – it just refers to going back to basics – bringing the old way of life wherein we do not depend on food processing and artificial means of production.

Kale, Mizuna, Collards – Oh My!

With all the power packed in dark, leafy greens why is it that the average person only eats 1 to 2 servings a week? Dark, leafy greens are, calorie for calorie, considered one of the most nutritionally dense of any food.

The Calories You Receive From Beverages May Sabotage Your Diet

Whenever you go on a diet for weight loss purposes one of your main goals is to reduce the calories you take in. It takes 3500 calories to make one pound of body fat. You have to reduce your caloric intake by 7000 calories per week in order to lose an approximate two pounds each week. Two pounds per week is the highest amount of weight loss that is recommended by doctors.

How to Build a Power Breakfast

Starting each day with the right breakfast can have a positive impact on the rest of your day if you have the right ingredients. We’ll talk about getting the right proteins, fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, and even a smoothie to satisfy your body’s cravings.

Myprotein Liquid Egg Whites Review

Introduction I had been thinking about buying Myprotein Liquid Egg Whites for a while but with a high protein diet already in place consisting of meat, fish and eggs, topped up by regular protein shakes, I had always found a reason not to buy them. I also had doubts about how to store the egg whites, how quickly they should be consumed and how they should be taken. Nonetheless, having read many excellent reviews, I decided to try the 6 pack barn farmed and you can read my thoughts of this product below.

Exercise, Does It Really Help Someone Lose Weight?

Does Exercise really help someone lose weight? That’s a good question and it depends on so many things. Exercise is good for our healthy and keeps our bodies strong all the way down to our bones. It doesn’t work alone though because Nutrition has more to do with keeping our weight where we want it and exercise has more to do with the way you look at the weight you are. However Nutrition is also how you get to looking the way you want because it is the fuel behind the energy we use exercising. It makes Exercise more important because it isn’t only what you eat, it’s when you eat and how much you eat that will determine how easy it is to maintain the weight that you want to be. Just like when you take a long road trip, you need to put gas in your tank first so you can keep going, fuel your tank with good nutrition and you will be able to go a long ways.

Should Kids Watch Food Inc?

The other night, my son and I were browsing Netflix and decided to watch Food Inc. I wasn’t sure if it would be upsetting for him to see where our food really comes from and the real life images of how animals are treated, but I figured he’s 10 and he really should know the reality about what he’s putting in his body. After all, he could be part of the change that is needed for when he is older.

3 Tips On Avoiding Gluten While Eating Out – My Scary Story!

With allergies, like gluten and dairy, eating out can be intimidating, embarrassing to order, and downright scary when they get it wrong! Check out these tips that quell your nerves and fill you with confidence. It’s time to realize that you deserve and can get the food you need to nourish your body!

iHerb Coupon – 3 Top Tips To Save You Lots of Money When Buying Your Natural Health Products Online

This article will tell you where to get an Iherb coupon. It will give you a $5 instant discount when you use it for the first time at It will all also teach you 3 top tips so that you can maximize its use to give you the highest discounts possible when you shop for your natural health products online.

Healthy Diet Foods – Get to Know Your Choices

Many of us eat without ever realizing the worth of foods we consume. This leads us, at times; to certain unexpected consequences like weight loss or weight gain. Unhealthy diets can also cause several day to day ordinary (yet sometimes serious) health issues. Let’s know some of the basic things about healthy diet foods.

CoQ10 Benefits Every Cell in Your Body – Learn Why You May Need Supplementation

Have you ever wondered how our bodies produce energy from the food and oxygen we take in? This is a complex process that CoQ10 benefits. Unfortunately there are a variety of ways we can become deficient in this necessary ingredient.

Honey and Dieting – Should You Eat Honey While Dieting?

“The only reason for being a bee that I know of is to make honey…. And the only reason for making honey, is so as I can eat it.” Wise words from Winnie the Pooh. As far as sweeteners go, honey is where it’s at.

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