What are the Causes of Pneumonia?

Seven of the Most Popular Antioxidant Fruits

Aside from herbs and vegetables, consumption of fresh fruits has been known to be the best way to keep our body naturally healthy and strong. Fresh fruits not only provide essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals but most importantly, they provide fibers and enzymes. Enzymes and fibers help our body to function properly in the process of absorption of nutrients.

Shift Work Snacks – How To Have Your Chocolate And Eat It Too!

When you work shift work it’s really easy to snack on all sorts of junk food. If you’re feeling fatigued all of the time you just want to grab the fastest source of food you can get yours hands on. And for most shift workers, this typical shift work diet falls into the ‘very unhealthy’ category.

Curbing Cravings Naturally

Do you ever ask yourself, “Why do I crave chocolate?” or “Why do I crave salty foods?” Your cravings might be telling you what nutrients your body may be lacking. This article explains how to curb your cravings naturally through the use of diet and supplementation. Feel like your dragging through the day or do you always want pizza? With the help of nutritional medicine you can fight back those cravings that can sometimes wreck your diet. Prescribe your own health and learn how to become a healthier happier you.

Cardiovascular Benefits of Eating Vegetables

Eating a healthy and balanced diet plays an important role in promoting a healthy heart. Adding fruits and vegetables in the diet proves to be an effective strategy in protecting and strengthening one’s because of the nutritional value they provide. A good diet for the heart is composed of fruits and vegetables which contain essential nutrients that have the capacity to enhance heart health.

The Benefits Of Fish Oil: What Does Fish Oil Do?

For good reasons many people immediately think of ‘snake oil’ when they here the word ‘nutritional supplements’. Unlike many other supplements, fish oil is actually scientifically proven to have positive effects on your health. Read this article to learn why many scientists recommend fish oil.

How To Get BPA Out Of Your Kitchen And Out Your Bloodstream

Why is glass so important? BPA, (found in most plastic containers) is also known as bis-phenol A, is a toxic ingredient that mimics estrogen in your body. Estrogen mimicking compounds are known to increase the risk of cancer. This chemical BPA, builds up in your tissues and can only be cleansed by sweating. And if you don’t shower right away to rinse this plastic ooze off of your skin, the BPA soaks right back in! Yikes! This chemical not only mimics estrogen but can block other hormones from doing their jobs. That includes sex hormones… want a stronger libido? How about a thicker beard? Or how about just having a more regular menstrual cycle? Get the BPA out of your kitchen, out of your bloodstream, and help get it out of the stores!

No Calorie Counting, No Portion Control: Welcome to the Paleo Diet Basics

Find out how to lose weight effortlessly and be in the best health you have ever been in without calorie counting or portion control. This is not a diet program, it’s the diet our bodies were programmed for.

Various Sources of Citric Acid

Ever wondered why you pucker your face every time you bite into a sour fruit? If it hasn’t crossed your mind as yet, I shall let you in on the fact that, you are biting into a fruit high in citric acid. I bet you’d think that only citrus fruits are sources of citric acid. Have a glimpse at the other sources of citric acid listed here.

4 Ways To Stop Drinking While You’re Eating

Being served wine with your meal in a restaurant or having juice on the table while you sit down for dinner, are so commonplace in our lives that many of us see it as a normal harmless situation. But the habit of drinking while you eat in many cases can lead to you developing digestive issues and not getting all the nutrients from your food. This is because when your body knows foods is coming, it produces stomach acid to break down and continue the digestion process on the food which started in…

How Do Western Diets Affect Your Health?

In our current day Western diet, if you begin to take a real good look at what they are, you will soon realize that most of the foods we are eating are highly acidic, therefore extremely detrimental to our health. In this very obese nation, how are we supposed to regulate our diet and lose weight when the foods we’re eating are doing the exact opposite we want them to do? You want foods that will enrich your life–not foods that will destroy and break down our bodies.

The Amazing Benefits of Lemons

In my family we have experienced the benefits of incorporating lemons in our diet from lemon water first thing in the mornings to juicing the entire lemon, putting whole lemons in smoothies etc. The leader of the women’s ministry group that I am in asked me to do a presentation on the benefit of a fruit, I chose to research more on the therapeutic benefits of lemons and this is what I found.

Choosing High Quality Proteins For Your Diet

Protein is a very important part of your overall nutrition. It is an important nutrient for muscle building and to provide you with a sustainable source of energy. This article will discuss the different types of proteins that are available and will compare the properties of the various sources of protein.

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