What Happens To Your Body When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Healthcare and Prior Authorization

The term prior authorisation has a specific meaning within the concept of health care and health insurance, and has a fundamental effect on virtually all of the procedures and clinical assessments that an individual is likely to come up against in the context of their health insurance policy. Health insurance differs from other types of insurance policies in a number of ways, but in the context of the term prior authorisation there is a fundamental difference that has to be appreciated. In most other types of insurance, an event or catastrophe occurs, and as long as such event is…

How Good Are Health Articles?

Most people tend to appreciate that the internet carries a wide range of health article and related material, and most people would probably accept that some of this material is of a highly dubious quality. The paradox of the internet is that anyone can access virtually any type of information about anything, and at the same time that anyone can produce any piece of information about anything. Given the nature of health and people’s concerns and desire for information, trying to assess how reliable and good the health article is can be in fact very difficult.

Top 6 Emerging Trends in Medical Devices

Medical device companies are following a strategic change in business direction with focus on “prevention” rather than “diagnosis” alone, with self-analysis tools becoming as much indispensable to quality patient care as provider intervention. Healthcare and lifestyle equipment will now embody the latest advances in technology due to the emerging use of smartphones (in what is known as a BYOD healthcare culture), wearable devices, Internet-of-Things and nanotechnology, increasing use of BI and analytics, 3D printing, remote healthcare, minimal invasive diagnostic machines, and focus on security and surveillance. Here, in the article, we present the top 6 trends which have taken the medical devices industry by storm.

Cinnamon and Your Health

Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) used as a natural medicine from ancient time. Now it becomes the fourth most valuable spice in the world. Due to low coumarin content, Ceylon cinnamon is more important than other cinnamon varieties.

7 Myths and Facts About Concussion Recovery

Concussions can be mild, misunderstood, and even misdiagnosed altogether. With the commonality we see today in concussions among athletes, there’s a lot of buzz among players and non-athletes alike that may or may not be true about concussions and concussion recovery. Here are seven myths, and their factual counterparts, about concussion recovery.

The Differences Between Chiropractors And Osteopaths

When choosing between osteopathy and chiropractic care, there are important things to consider. These will include the health problem you have and your preference.

Common Symptoms and Signs of IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome affects people of all ages. By learning common symptoms and signs of IBS, you may be able to determine whether this illness is affecting you.

Orthopedic Surgery: A Brief History

Orthopedic surgery has a long history. Many may not be aware that the same area of medicine that handles fractures and sports injuries today started out as an area of pediatric medicine.

Is There Any Link Between Wrinkles And Lower Bone Density?

According to Dr. Lubna Pal, a Yale School of Medicine researcher, there might be a direct link between common facial wrinkles and bone density. As Dr. Pal analyzed the firmness of facial skin along with depth and quantity of the wrinkles, she observed how those with worse skin conditions also has a low density in the lower hip, lumber and spine among the middle-aged subjects who were all women.

Opt For Heart Health Everyday

We’ve turned the page on the calendar – the chocolate roses, truffles, heart-shaped foods and all that jazz are behind us. I’m not trying to dismiss February 14 as insignificant, but I do want to remind you that the heart is bigger than one day. I want you to give equal attention to keeping your heart healthy and adopting a lifestyle that will help keep it that way.

Top 4 Myths of Coconut Oil: What Is the Truth?

Coconut oil’s popularity is increasing day by day. Whilst there are many articles and statements in the web claiming this product to be one of the miraculous foods available today, there are still those who beg the different. In this midst of arguments and discussions, myths are born, some true and some false. These myths have become so popular that, people believe each and every one of them, even if it is a false one. Therefore, to prepare ourselves better, we need to search for the truth and this article aims to achieve just that.

Top Tips for Preparing for Laser Spine Surgery

Laser spine surgery is a procedure that is now widely used to treat a number of back conditions, including sciatica, radiculopathy, annular tears, lumbar disc herniations and several more. It is particularly popular with patients as it is a minimally invasive procedure, and only local anaesthetic is required, differentiating it from other types of back surgery.

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