What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Kiwis Every Day

Knowing What Dentist Is Right for You

Everyone should have a dentist whom they trust to care for their teeth. If you do not yet have one, you should consider what you are looking for in a dental professional.

Do You Want to Be Skinny or Healthy?

What a loaded question – right? Is this a tough question for you to answer? Well, the correct answer is – both. However, I want to qualify this answer as well – being “skinny” is not necessarily the best thing to be. And it depends on what “skinny” means to each one of you reading. Is it: “size minus”, “size comfortable”, “size when I was 16” or “size impossible”?

Are You Playing Your Own Hunger Games?

This wellness writing has more to do with how you can seriously fool yourself into thinking even though you have health challenges with symptoms like headaches, digestive upset, sleepless nights, or weight gain you believe nothing is wrong. That you don’t have a problem – that all is well but really it isn’t but you are choosing to either ignore it or are perhaps are too afraid to make changes.

Small Step = Big Results

That’s right you do not need to make huge leaps in order to get from where you are to where you want to go. In this week’s article we are shedding some light on easy steps to shedding excess weight and unhealthy habits.

Time to Outsmart Your Genes?

Do you think you can have an impact on your genetic make-up? I’m here to tell you can. How your genes “express” or work is really up to you. What you do and don’t do can have a direct link to how healthy genes operate in your body. It’s kind of great to think you have that much control – right? Or maybe not – it is a lot of responsibility for you and making the right lifestyle decisions do count.

Signs That It Is Time To Look For A New Personal Trainer

Breaking up is not always so easy to do – especially if it is your personal trainer you need to say goodbye to! Here we look at some signs that the time has come to part company with your fitness pro.

Spas for Your 25th Anniversary

There are many reasons why you would want to go and visit spas. Consider going for a treatment as a gift for your wedding anniversary.

Physical Therapy For Your Child With Torticollis

Torticollis is not an unusual problem with babies. It can be caused from the birth process or from other health problems.

Astaxanthin – Potent Antioxidant

The free-radical scavenging ability of astaxanthin makes it useful in supporting joint and tendon health; eye and brain health; and it also helps to improve recovery after exercise. It can also benefit skin during UV and sun exposure, and generally is of benefit throughout our body to obtain a healthy oxidative balance.

Hip Surgery and Knee Surgery Considerations As You Get Older

With age there are a number of problems that you can run into. Hip surgery and knee surgery might suddenly be an option that you need to consider.

Finding a Cardiologist for Your Teenager

If your child grew up without any health problems, it might come as a shock when in their teen years they begin having chest pains and discomfort. If this happens, it is important for you to find a cardiologist that works well with individuals at this age.

Consider the Da Vinci Surgery for the Head and Neck

Robotic surgeries are a new technology that can be administered for a variety of ailments. One of the areas that the da Vinci surgery procedure can be used is on the head and neck.

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