What If You Stop Drinking Water?

4 Top Tips for Making Lifestyle Changes

When it comes to making lifestyle changes, some people find it easier than others. This article helps explain how to make it easy.

Great Fitness Gear for Getting Into Shape

Selecting the right fitness gear and equipment for getting into shape can be challenging. There are so many options. Whether you’re a fitness newbie or pro, here are some great items to have for the gym or at home.

Chiropractic Care for Auto Injuries and Whiplash

Why do so many people seek chiropractic care after an accident? What is Whiplash? What else should I know?

Finding a Health Club That Offers Pilates Classes

Your health and fitness is important. Pilates is a good way to stay fit without having the bulkiness that many people get with certain exercise programs.

First Time Visit to the Chiropractor

It makes sense to prepare for your visit to the chiropractor. You have the opportunity to realign you body and potentially get rid of some physical issues and ailments that you have been struggling with.

What to Look for in a Personal Trainer

If you are in need of a personal trainer in order to get you back on track with your weight and health, then you should consider a few areas. Personality, cost, experience, and empathy are all important.

Sports Podiatry Advice: How To Fix Your Blisters

Blisters have long been the bane of runners and other athletes alike. Blisters can be very painful and debilitating and they are often not given the proper consideration they deserve.

The Push Up: A Classic Exercise Move That Has Withstood the Test of Time

Classic and classy! The push up is one of the tried and true exercises that should be in everyone’s fitness toolbox.

Health Coaching – The Real Deal

Whether you are looking for a corporate health program to energize your employees or to renovate your lifestyle into one of health, vitality & longevity, please don’t settle for a generic program designed for the masses – you know one size fits none. Your health is your true bff – be careful to choose a program that encompasses your medical needs & lifestyle necessities, otherwise, you just won’t follow it, despair again. And what good is the program if it has not addressed your health saboteurs.

Possible Risks And Benefits Of Radiology

  Radiology is very common and is used a lot in treatment of various diseases. Not only that it is used in treatment but it is used for diagnosis as well. So what is this anyway?

Achieving That Desired Look And Confidence

Changes in life occur during numerous circumstances. Some of them are avoidable, but most of them are not. They consist of bodily alterations due to events such as pregnancy. Pregnancy may be planned or unplanned, but it does not make a difference as far as the post results are concerned. Following this life-changing event, a woman’s body is seldom the same. It leaves its mark in the form of unwanted stretched marks, over-size stomach, and excessive body fat.

Cultural Challenges Within Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach

A successful collaborative team would include all health and social care specialists (Doctors, Social Workers, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, and Physiotherapists etc.) to gather on an equal level, to come up with a strategic hospital discharge plan to enable continuing care in the community. It is hoped, the meeting would decrease revolving hospital admissions; mainly by older people. Although, the questions are: Dose the means justify the end?

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