What is a Respiratory Therapist? (Explained)

How Often Do We Need Sex, and Will It Have a Negative Affect on Us Before a Workout?

Did you know that sex not only relieves stress, but can also affect your athletic performance? A healthy male body also requires weekly ejaculation to produce stable testosterone levels.

The Three Reasons Why You Need To Get a Fitbit One

Fitness technology is revolutionizing the field. The author reviews the FitBit One, a wearable fitness device that measures, stores, uploads, and processes physical data. In the war on weight gain, the FitBit One and others can help Americans shape up!

5 Steps to Achieving Personal Wellness

Personal wellness traditionally implies freedom from sickness; however wellness can have a broader meaning. In a more enlightened discussion, personal wellness encompasses your physical wellness, emotional wellness, and social wellness.

What All Of Us Can Learn From Not Enough Sleep

Every day you wake up and think to yourself, “that… was… not enough sleep [imagine screaming]!” Sleep’s importance is neglected by most of us and deprivation has plagued millions of business professionals just like yourself.

What Are You Doing to Prevent Sarcopenia? Use It or Lose It!

Have you ever had major surgery? If you have, you will know that once the anesthesia has worn off, the first thing the doctors and nurses require of you is to “get out of bed” and move! But, “wait a minute,” you cry, “I just had major surgery–let me rest.” Thankfully, however, for you, that request is denied. Otherwise, severe complications in all body systems can occur, as well as death.

Taking Precautions in Your Outdoor Sports and Activities

Outdoor sports can be exciting and entertaining, coupled with the fact that it is good for your health. But statistics show that more people get injured doing outdoor games and activities than when doing it indoors. It’s not very hard to understand why this is so, and there is no sense in saying people should not play outdoor because of the safety risks.

Health: Simple But Not Easy

Health is simple, but that doesn’t make it easy. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. What do we need to do to live healthy? We need to make it simple.

What to Ask When Choosing Alzheimer’s Care Facilities

You may need to consider choosing an adequate Alzheimer’s care facility if one of your loved ones lives with Alzheimer’s. When doing so, it is important to know what to look for and which questions to ask.

Why A Family Dentist Is Important and Beneficial

It is important that every family has a family dentist. Having a family dentist will this help you to improve your oral health, improve your child’s and your own self-esteem by improving your smiles and eliminate the occurrence of cavities and gum disease by visiting your dentist on a regular basis.

9 Steps to Making Peace With Food

Compulsive Eating Signifies Imbalance. What is out of balance in your life?

Umbilical Hernia Causes

An umbilical hernia occurs around the bellybutton, or navel. When this happens, fatty or bowel tissues protrude through a weakened area of the abdominal wall.

What It Takes to Build a Body

If you are looking to stay in shape and sport a well built body, there is no replacement for regular exercise routine. While you might feel like taking a break once in a while, before you know it would become a habit.

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