What is Albuterol? (Medical Definition)

4 Reasons You Should Include Carrots in Your Diet

Unless you live under a rock, surely you are familiar with carrots. Carrots are one of the most popular types of vegetables, they are very crunchy and have a sweet taste. Carrots are powerful hosts and great sources of vitamin A, vitamin K, fiber, vitamin C, potassium and manganese. Therefore, their regular consumption on a day-to-day basis is advantageous to our health and extremely recommended. Without further a due, let’s dive into four reasons you should have carrots included in your daily diet:

Is It Bad To Eat Before Bed

By now I’m sure you have heard that you shouldn’t eat before bed because it is bad for you as the food that you just ate will sit in your stomach and be converted to fat. In this article I’ll explain to you how this is a total myth, and why it doesn’t really matter when you eat. There has already been a lot of research on the subject of eating before bed and overall it can be concluded that it doesn’t really matter what time you eat.

How to Avoid Debilitating Partially Hydrogenated Oils and Trans Fats

Partially hydrogenated oils are one of the chief contributors to obesity in the United States, and can be found in a wide variety of foods ranging from bread to salad dressing. This article provides more insight into these chemical additives as well as provides advice about how to avoid them.

Are Kids Making You Fat?

A recent long-term study showed that compared to their childfree counterparts, moms with young kids eat about 400 extra calories per day. The moms in the study consumed more sugary drinks and had a higher fat intake. They also consumed fewer greens.

Glutathione Supplementation – Why Supplementing on Glutathione Can Be Key To Your Health

So are there glutathione side effects that you should know about? Before we get into that, recall that glutathione is your body’s main antioxidant and is created naturally by your body. It’s created using 3 amino acids – cysteine, glycine, glutamic acid.

Arthritis: Natural Pain Relief With MSM

What is the truth about MSM? How can one nutrient do so much? How come natural springs help to alleviate the aches and pains associated with arthritis and rhemuatism?

Visalus Shake Recipes – Dieting Doesn’t Get Any Tastier

Going on a diet is probably one of the most challenging things anyone can face. Simply thinking about all those favorite dishes that you will be ‘starving’ yourself from can be very much discouraging. Often times, diet programs rob you of your calories and leave you without any energy even to keep up with your daily routine.

Guide to Buying Health Drinks

Looking for the best heath drinks today can seem like an impossible task as hype and advertising takes center stage. Focusing on natural herbal beverages can pay off with big rewards for your overall well-being.

What Is “Dehydration”?

This article sets the stage for understanding the effects of dehydration. This is accomplished by describing what exactly “dehydration” is.

Fruits and Vegetable Wash Solutions With Free Recipe

Can you imagine where those fruits and veggies have been that you are looking at to purchase? Fruits and vegetables usually travel long distances under many different conditions, there is no telling where they have been or who has handled them or what kind of germs and diseases are lurking on them.

Three Reasons Why You Should Switch to an All-Natural Diet

An all-natural diet is better for your overall health, appearance, and taste buds. Learn three of the most enticing reason as to why you should make the switch from processed and artificial foods.

Possible Options for People With Chronic Ailments

Various natural techniques are being suggested for those affected with chronic maladies such as diabetes. Some of these strategies have something to do with healthy diets to lose weight fast without taking prescribed medications frequently.

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