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How Often Should We Consume Protein?

In western society the amount of protein you should consume is confusing, some say eat a lot and others say don’t eat too much. Protein works with fat to increase muscle mass, have a leaner body, burn fat and allow you to stop eating carbohydrates as it fills you up. More importantly it keeps your blood sugar level even, as I have stated many times it’s the blood sugar that causes you to put on weight Protein is a part of every cell in your body. Without it cells start to shrink and new ones can’t be produced. Protein is made up of 21 amino acids that are linked in a strand. The digestive system breaks it down and allows it to be absorbed into the blood stream where it can be transported to repair and construct your cells. Amino acids in your blood contribute to a sense of fullness, sugar blood levels balanced and burning fat (calories).

Adverse Effects of Probiotics

Most of the articles and information available online talk about the wondrous benefits of Probiotics. Yes- it can lead to better digestion and immunity. But in any case- does it have adverse effects as well?

9 Tips to Get More Healthy During the Spring

Spring is a time for revitalization however, our vitality can be hampered because springtime is also a time where it is easy for us to get sick. Here are 9 ways to help you get over the hump.

Lactose Free Information

Lactose is a type of sugar found naturally in all milk produced by mammals – including cow’s milk, goat’s milk and even human breast milk. For lactose to be absorbed and used by the body it needs to be broken down by an enzyme called lactase.

Is There Really Any Benefit to Nutritional Supplements?

When we ask ourselves the question as to whether or not we really need to supplement there are probably a couple of issues we need to consider. First, we have to ask ourselves, how do I feel about the quality of my life. Second, we need to consider how it is that we feel on a daily or regular basis. The answer to these two questions would undoubtedly reveal the best and the truest indication.

Recommended Daily Vitamins

The human body requires certain amounts of vitamins daily to function and grow, knowing which vitamin is needed and when to take it is important. These are known as your recommended daily vitamins and knowing about the different food groups and getting the right amount of them usually covers your recommended daily allowances of all the necessary vitamins.

How You Can Create Vegetable Juice Recipes

Do you take in the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables everyday? Some people have difficulty doing this. They skip breakfast or have only eggs and bacon, for lunch some sort of sandwich, and dinner meat and maybe a vegetable or two.

Rejuvenate With Food

Inactivity, along with poor diet, are largely responsible for premature aging of our bodies. Hormonal production during puberty, and for half a dozen years after, is almost unaffected by poor food choices or inactivity. That is why we cannot see the correlation of inactivity with poor diet as major contributors to aging. Not until we approach our forties do these truths begin to convince us that exercise and diet are so crucial to health and well being.

Improve Your Digestion With the Best Digestive Health Supplements

Efficient digestion is the key to good health. There are many people who are still suffering from various digestive problems with the belief that there is least that can be done about their complication. It’s a myth, absolutely! Indulge in some of the best digestive health supplements to improve your digestion and overall health.

Best Yogurt for Digestive Health – Probiotics and More

When you are at the supermarket, you must have noticed that the dairy aisle has been taken over by a wide range of yogurt choices. In spite of all the options in the dairy range, such as cottage cheese, cream, sour cream and other traditional foods, yogurt is the most loved choice. Because yogurt is very much in the news for its digestive health benefits, more and more people are now taking keen interest in learning about how exactly the best yogurt for digestive health can be identified and used.

Unbeatable Nutritional Benefits of Kiwi Fruit – Facts You Must Know

Produce Marketing Association performed a research very recently, which revealed that the nutritional characteristics of kiwi fruit are quite different from most other fruits. As a matter of fact, there are many instances in which the kiwi fruit’s nutritional value has preceded other fruits belonging to the same family or related products. Nutritional benefits of kiwi fruit have become unparallel to any other fruit.

Essential Nutrients in the Pregnancy Diet

Essential nutrients are key elements that should be present in the food that women eat to provide the right nutrition for the baby. Every mother should understand which nutrients are needed most and where to find them.

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