What is Jugular Venous Distention? (Medical Definition and Explanation)

3 Tips on Healthy Eating

Nutrition is everything! Your ability to trim down and tone up rises and falls on mastering this one facet of fitness! Your longevity of life is dependent on proper balance of nutritious foods. Discover a few “dos and don’ts” on healthy eating!

The Calcium Myth Exploded!

We are told the best source of calcium comes via cow’s milk. Like many stories, this one was put out by the publicists employed by the dairy industry to sell their products. The power of advertising is such that people begin to believe the propaganda in time. Cows produce milk from eating grass. This is excellent as we need to get our vitamins and minerals from a vegetable source, too. For the body to absorb nutrients like calcium, they have to come via a photosynthesis process.

Probably the Best Sports Recovery Drink in the World!

There’s a natural sports recovery drink that alleviates muscle soreness and fatigue. Proven scientific facts support an alternative to expensive sports drinks. Find out how to recover more efficiently and effectively from your sports activity.

To Avoid Cramps When Working Out, Bananas Are the Solution

Bananas are a great snack food anytime. High in nutrients, easy to carry (you might say they come in their own little container), with a natural sweetness when they are ripe, they should be part of everyone’s diet. But they have a special place for people that are on a muscle building program, and it is all because of the nutrient potassium.

The Reasons Walnuts Should Be Your Favorite Snack Food

We have been touting the health benefits of nuts in general lately, as in a recent survey of US adults it was found that almost 95% of people ages 19-50 did not consume tree nuts of any kind. If people were more aware of the enormous health benefits of this wonderful food, perhaps more people would add it to their diet.

Chia Seed Nutrition

An overview of the benefits of chia seeds. What they can provide the consumer on an everyday basis and why they should be considered the nutritional super food of choice.

Why You Need to Find the Best Source of Omega 3

You may ask, what is the best source of Omega 3 fatty acids? Well, there are various excellent sources of the Omega 3 group; but, your first question might actually be, who cares? Why do we care about getting an abundance of Omega 3 fatty acids? Omega 3 does some incredible things for your body and your mind. Knowing how to get access to the best source of Omega 3 fatty acids means that you have the knowledge to enhance theses powers, and increase your longevity. Those sound like very good benefits, don’t they?

Meals for a Diet – Tips For Better Nutrition

Meals for a diet have the reputation that if they’re healthy they must be bad-tasting. No, life is not this cruel. You can have both “healthy” and “tasty” at the same time. Learn More.

Why Should You Be Careful While Reading Food Labels

No matter what food item you buy it is your second nature to check the food label to know more details on the item you are buying. Sometimes for ingredients, sometimes for nutrition facts, sometimes for ways to prepare or store the item and almost always for price details, food labels are what most customers would check when they buy a food item.

High Cholesterol Foods That You Need to Avoid

Food is a basic human need and we all need to eat in order for our bodies to gain energy and aids in cellular production and repair. Without food, our bodies wouldn’t function in its optimum level. Cholesterol, a bi-product of the liver is essential for several body functions. It helps in metabolism and is largely significant to the production and inhibition of hormones as well.

Home Management: Easy and Natural Remedies for Arthritis

There exist many ways to treat the different types of arthritis. Depending on the type and cause of the arthritis, such ways can be very effective. However, not everyone is given free access to such interventions.

Calcium – A Mineral For Life

Most people are aware of the importance of calcium for strong bones. But, there is so much more that calcium contributes to. Learn more about this critical mineral and how to be sure you are getting enough of it.

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