What is Pulmonary Function Testing? (PFT Medical Definition)

Potatoes Can Lower Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar

The main nutrients from the potato comes from the peel, which contains an anticarcinogenic compound called photogenic acid, says Mary Ellen Camire, PhD, professor in the department of food science and human nutrition at the University of Maine in Orono. In laboratory studies, this particular acid has been proven to help the fiber in potatoes absorb benzo (a) pyrene, a potential carcinogen found in smoked foods such as grilled hamburgers.

Water: Are You Getting Enough?

Around 70% of your body and 85% of your brain is made of water! Most of our blood consists of water and it’s important to be able to pump it around the body to deliver oxygen, hormones and nutrients to different areas. If we don’t have enough water, our blood vessels will have to work much harder to pump the blood around (as there will be a smaller volume of blood) and our blood pressure will increase.

Considering How Aloe Vera Benefits A Range Of Health Conditions

Aloe Vera benefits a wide range of conditions and aliments. Derived from the plant it has been used for centuries and has plenty of uses. It can be applied directly to the skin as a gel or taken internally to stimulate the immune system and help with existing conditions. It appears that it is well worth looking into what this important plant extract has to offer.

Top Health Benefits of Honey

A completely natural sweetener, it dates back more than hundreds of years, yet the health benefits of honey are still not widely known even today. Healthier and more pure than artificial sweeteners or sugar, honey provides more than a taste for the sweet tooth; honey benefits your health and your body inside and out.

Top Health Benefits of Grapes

Grapes are a small and sweet berry that are cultivated all over the world and both the taste and health benefits of grapes are popular with people of all ages. While they are commonly eaten raw, they may also be cooked or mashed to produce a range of food products, including jams, jellies, wines, raisins, vinegar, oil, vinegar, and molasses. They were first cultivated at least 6,000 years ago in Europe, where they grew wild before people learned to grow them. Thanks to the efforts of ancient monks, who wanted grapes to make holy wine, they reached what is now the United States and are among the most favored fruits in the country today.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

What is the difference between virgin coconut oil and extra virgin coconut oil? What’s in it that makes it so good for us? If you’re just finding out about all the great health benefits associated with virgin coconut oil, you’ve come to the right place. There are many health and beauty benefits when used on a daily basis. The best part is it’s good for you inside and out.

Top Health Benefits of Olive Oil

The numerous health benefits of olive oil run almost as deep as its history. It may appear simple, but in fact, is one of the most complex oils used today. In order to reap the wide range of health benefits, we must take time to understand the creation process and the different types of olive oil.

Top Health Benefits of Red Wine

The health benefits of red wine have been utilised throughout its history going back approximately 8,000 years. Historians believe that it was first produced in the European and Asian areas – particularly in present day Georgia and Iran. It is made by fermenting different varieties of grapes. There are six main types of red grape varieties that are used to make different types of wines. Of these six types of grape varieties, it is not known which was cultivated first.

Natural Diet Supplement: Nutrition And Energy

With the wide range of health advice and nutritional health supplements available, it is a surprise that one of the most common health complaints heard in modern life is a lack of energy. Frequently this lacklustre feeling is as a result of poor nutrition and a lack of exercise. Of course the answer is clear: improve our diet or make use of a good natural diet supplement and get regular exercise.

Why Do I Need A Gluten Free Diet?

You’ve just heard the news from your doctor. Or maybe you’ve come to the conclusion on your own, perhaps after conflicting medical tests and your unending list of symptoms. Still, this is the moment of truth – you’re starting a gluten free diet.

Are the Benefits of Juicing Real or Just a Fad?

Juicing is getting pretty popular lately, but what exactly are the benefits of it? Is it just a fad or is there really something to it?

Takes Steps To Improve Protein Digestion And Digestive Health

Most people think that when they have poor digestive health it just results in feeling bloated, constipated, or simply have that too full feeling and excess gas. Few people really understand how digestive health effects their overall health – and especially how protein digestion and digestive health go hand in hand.

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