What is Pulmonary Surfactant? (Medical Definition)

Gardeners Rejoice! The Simple Pleasures of Fall Planting

Fall is the ideal planting season for a variety of vegetables that will grace your table throughout winter and in the early spring. Discover which vegetables are best suited for this special planting season.

Smart Sugars and Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an important fat in your body partially because it is actually the precursor to your leading hormones. Cardiovascular disease is the world’s largest killer, claiming 18 million lives a year. Over 81 million American adults have one or more types of cardiovascular disease

Avoid These 3 Mistakes That Lead To a Slow Metabolism

Do you feel like your metabolism is a tad bit slow? You might be making the 3 most common mistakes that slow down your metabolism. The 3 mistakes are inside this article.

Healthy Eating: 6 Easy Tips for Making a Healthy Salad

Whether you want to get rid of excess weight or improve your health, adding salads to your diet can help you achieve your goals. Salads are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. The trick is to make sure you add enough protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats to your salad.

Healthy Food Tips: Smart Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

If you’re like most people, then you haven’t quite figured out how to satisfy your sweet tooth without ruining your diet. The good news is that there are plenty of snacks and sweet treats that can be part of a balanced diet if enjoyed in moderation. The following substitutes have an amazing taste and are much more wholesome for you than their junk food counterparts:

Foods For Immune System: Eat Your Way To Better Health

There are many foods available that contain antioxidants and serve as immune system boosters. Such foods are mainly fruits and vegetables, which contain a host of nutrients that fight disease and prolong life, although some fruits and vegetables contain more antioxidants than others.

Raw Food For Weight Loss And pH Balance

Raw food nutrition is the best way to maintain a healthy pH balance. This article looks at the importance of proper pH balance.

How to Become a Healthy Eater

It is simple, really, how to become a healthy eater. All you need to do is to make sure that you are eating a balanced diet and that you are getting all the nutrients you need from the foods that you eat. Many benefits await those who eat healthy, to wit, longer lives, better mental health and even weight control.

Part 1: Organic, Hunting, Gardening – What Do You Think?

Organic meat and vegetables are getting more and more popular, why do you think that is? Hunting and getting your own meat is even better… not for everyone though.

The Importance of Supplementing Vitamin B12 in a Vegan Diet

Good health in humans is dependent on the complex vitamin identified as vitamin B12. It has a unique absorption mechanism and is generally found in all animal foods, excluding honey. Vegan enthusiasts may argue the point, however there is no known, reliable plant sources of vitamin B12.

Understanding More About the Paleo Diet

For those of you that aren’t completely aware of all the low-carb diets that are available, you’ll probably want to take notice of the Paleo Diet and what it has to offer. In the paragraphs that follow you’re going to discover more about the Paleo Diet, some of the misconceptions, the foods included in the diet, and how you can take control of your life by eating less carbohydrates, and enjoying real whole food.

Dieting Is Really A Matter Of Perspective

The way in which we view the world dictates both our success and our failure. Seemingly, the glass can be half empty or it can be half full, and your definition of that glass will reflect whether or not your next diet adventure is going to lead to a successful result. The simple truth about an over-flooded market of plans for eating to lose weight, as well as different fitness regimen would probably have a much greater success if the individual, you, would view it in a different light.

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