What is Sleep Apnea? Obstructive vs Central Sleep Apnea

My Top 10 Raw Food Staples For An Ultra-Healthy Economy Diet!

What foods have you been populating your plate with? In the long-term your food choices may well determine your health, vitality and resistance to disease. To help with your choices here’s a list of what is considered to be some of the healthiest food on the planet.

Fitness on Vacation

Traveling does not have to mean the end of your fitness routine. Whether you are traveling for work or for fun, there are so many easy ways to squeeze fitness into your day. You can maintain your healthy lifestyle without compromising fun while traveling.

Doctors in Pediatric Orthopedics Want More Active Children

Doctors specializing in pediatric orthopedics have noticed a spike in overuse injuries as a result children specializing in one sport. Having kids participate in a variety of physical activities can prevent these injuries.

Discuss an Individual Screening Regimen With Your Gynecologist

It seems like every week, a different agency is announcing a medical breakthrough that changes the guidelines for disease screening. Discuss your medical history with your gynecologist to determine a screening regimen that is right for you.

Your Dental Health Can Impact Your Physical Well Being

This article outlines the impact of good dental hygiene has on your overall health. Additional studies have pointed to a relationship between poor dental health in pregnant women with lower than average birth weights and pre-term deliveries.

Can You Reduce Belly Fat By Controlling Your Stress?

If you want to control and reduce belly fat and stress it may be the toughest lifestyle change of all. Strangely enough, your body will “protect” itself by storing fat on your waistline.

The Power of Music: How Music Affects Us Emotionally and Stimulates Our Health

Music is a powerful tool in many ways. It is among the few activities in which the use of the whole brain is involved. Besides, it is essential in all cultures and can have astounding benefits for learning language, boosting memory and concentration, and also for physical coordination and development. The health of the physical body is intricately tied to our emotional, mental and spiritual health. This makes music a powerful catalyst for healing since it touches our souls – the very core of humanity.

Ophthalmic Migraine With a Bizarre Idea on Treating It!

Ophtalmic migraines are an unusual type of headache. Discover what they really are and a bizarre idea to treat them that might actually work.

Why You Should Have Cancer Insurance

Cancer is a kind of health implication that impacts several people every year. The disease is usually a menace to any social class family when it strikes a family member. This might be as a result of severe challenges that can be a catalyst by lack of sufficient health insurance coverage.

7 Key Tips to Achieve Absolute Relaxation Without Spending Any Money

Come on! You don’t need to go out to spend a long weekend at a fancy 5-star resort or take time off work to travel overseas. We have 7 key tips to reduce stress effortlessly and without taking time off work or spending any money.

The Benefits Of Foam Rolling For The Sedentary Office Professional

You sit at your desk for 8 – 12 hours and feel tight, sore and tense everywhere. Eating right and working out for 30 minutes a day doesn’t seem to help.

Aesthetic Procedures – A Growing Ethical Dilemma

The growing popularity of aesthetic surgery has invited criticism from a plethora of school of thoughts who argue that the business is merely a means to gain profits. This article sheds light on the ethical dilemma surrounding aesthetic surgery in order to ascertain whether this form of surgical intervention is in actual beneficial for the patients or not.

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