What We Know About The Omicron COVID-19 Variant

6 High Protein Snacks That Are Easy To Make

Healthy protein snacks can be hard to find. These high protein snack ideas are good quality without chemicals and may help you find just what you need to munch on in-between meals.

Anaemia Can Be a Serious Health Issue

Did you know that if it shows up in a blood test that you are anaemic it can cause you serious health problems? A deficiency in iron is just the start of it. Often there are many other symptoms such as problems with vision, nausea, indigestion mouth ulcers, breathlessness and unexplained fatigue.

The Real Facts About Carbohydrates And Weight Loss

Carbohydrates are important nutrients that provide your body with energy, vitamins and minerals while also improving the rate at which your body burns calories. This article examines the difference between complex carbohydrates which are good to eat as part of a healthy weight loss diet and simple carbohydrates which should only be eaten occasionally, if at all.

6 Odd Ways To Control Your Eating

Tips for controlling food and eating are everywhere. The tips in this article are somewhat unusual — and don’t affect what or how much we eat directly. Instead, they address shifts in behavior that are simple to do but can lead to big changes.

7 Healthy Snacks That Are 150 Calories Or Less

Most of us have at least one or two snacks per day and sometimes it’s hard to find healthy snacks that are somewhat calorie controlled. Depending on your daily energy level, snacks will most likely range from 100 – 200 calories (some more, some less depending on the person). This list of healthy snacks with 150 calories or less can help you with your daily snacking.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy In This World

Eating healthy does not necessarily mean following unrealistic dietary regimes or giving up foods that you love. Instead, it is about eating right, eating on time and balancing the various nutritional elements in your meal. A healthy diet will leave you feeling great, energy-packed and of course, healthier. In the midst of the information clutter available on how to eat healthy

Healthy Snacks to Keep You Alert at Work

Let us start with a small story… Harish had to attend a really important meeting with India’s bestselling author. The author’s flight was delayed, so the meeting that had to start at 1 PM was delayed by an hour. He knew he was cutting it too close but since he did not have a filling breakfast, he ordered North Delhi’s specialdum biryani for lunch; ate all of 500 grams of it and then gulped down a bottle of soda.

Snacks to Keep Your Kids Healthy

“Don’t eat that!”, “Enough of those chips!”, “You’ll spoil your appetite!!”… do these dialogues sound familiar? Probably because we have all grown up listening to our mothers say all this, but never really understood the rationale behind them. After all, we were just snacking! But as mothers now, you find yourselves echoing the same dialogues to your kids, all the time! You cannot just let them ruin their appetites on a packet of unhealthy chips, can you? So what is the solution?

Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral?

The mineral magnesium may be one of the most overlooked minerals we need, and it is often ignored or missed by healthcare professionals. Its deficiency runs high in modern diets, and supplementation is almost mandatory, especially for the 50-plus crowd. It is important to know if you are missing this vital mineral, and take steps to supplement your diet daily.

Vitamin D Deficiency – Things to Know

The results of a recent study on Vitamin D deficiency are particularly alarming for health experts. The study revealed that a whopping 69 per cent of Indians suffer from vitamin D deficiency, while a further 15 per cent were found to be vitamin D insufficient.

3 Healthiest Foods for a Long Life, Strong Heart and Healthy Joints

In the quest for greater health and the prevention of disease, people are looking more and more to the quality of the foods they eat. Fast food, fried food, sweets, and foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are being replaced by healthier options. Research studies are showing that food is more than mere nutrition to fill the stomach – it can ward off specific illnesses and lengthen one’s life.

8 Easy Healthy Snacks to Travel With

Snacks that travel easy are sometimes hard to come by. Here are 8 easy snacks that are easy to travel with but taste great too!

Healthy Simple Meals: Herbed Potato Salad, Pasta and Pineapple Salad

You are defined by what you eat as Brillat-Savarin says, ‘Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are’. And nothing surpasses healthy simple meals as a dietary approach to wellness, which includes your physical, mental and social well-being. At Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland, taking center stage is Darina Allen’s cuisine that brings out the natural goodness of simple basic foods. In particular her Herbed Potato Salad recipe, the favorite potato salad of Gourmet Magazine, highlights the versatility of potatoes as almost any type of the tuber can be used. Further, Chef Darina’s Spaghetti Alla Chiummenzana shows you how to make a spicy tomato sauce of: cherry tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and oregano, dried red chillies and olive oil. So it boils down to a dish of spaghetti with sauce and basil leaves garnish There are 2 auspicious Nyonya Chinese dishes that can be easily whittled down to one: the Asian Pineapple Salad with cucumber, seasoned with a bit of salt, and this then becomes common fare enjoyed by everybody.

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