What Zodiac Sign Is Your Soulmate?

How to Prevent Infections and Illnesses Resulting From Unprotected Sex?

There is no second chance when it comes to the condition of checking your sexual health for detecting any symptoms of infection or illness that may not be prominent. There are many types of screening methods you can undertake to double check the status of your sexual health.

Reasons Why Increasing Your Intake Of Fiber Is Good For You

In case you are overweight and have tried shedding the extra weight but with moderate or no results at all, try consuming foods that are rich in fiber. It is because one of the most effective ways to shed pounds is to deal with your hunger pangs, and fiber helps you do simply that. If you are constantly hungry, shedding pounds through a calorie-controlled diet can be very hard.

How To Improve Health With Simple Home Activities

People are always looking for ways to improve their health. This is a good thing because health is also considered a personal wealth.

Room For Improvement In The NHS

Is there room for improvement within the NHS? Where are the cracks that can be easily filled and create a significant difference in a short period of time?

Absorbable Sutures And Its Various Types

Absorbable sutures as the name suggests are absorbable in nature, which are broken down within the tissues and absorbed to the body after a period of time, which can be from ten days to eight weeks. And hence it is mainly used in the internal tissues of the body. Normally, it takes about three weeks for the wound to close firmly. The suture gradually disappears, which is an advantage and there is no need for the patient to have the surgical needles removed.

Slippin Into Darkness

Memory Loss vs. Dementia – ah that is the question which doctors cannot seem to agree on! Introduction: I’ve had a wonderful life – done things most people have only dreamed of… done things I probably shouldn’t have, but my life was most exhilarating!

Considerations When Donating Eggs

Egg donation is already a familiar concept to many. A lot of women have been able to donate eggs in order for them to earn extra cash while helping other people.

Causes of Lymphatic Congestion

The lymph system is a network of organs, lymph nodes, lymph ducts, and lymph vessels that make and move lymph from tissues to the bloodstream. This system is a major part of the body’s immune system and it is important to learn ways to keep it working at its optimal level.

What You Should Know About Menopause And Its Symptoms

All women will have to undergo the stage of menopause. This is the moment in life when one becomes infertile. As you know, menopause only affects women but there are male counterparts too. If a woman hits menopause stage, she is will have life changing experiences.

Tai Chi (Quan) – Forest for the (Trees)

Tai Chi, by definition, is the Universe represented by the very large and the very small. In other words everything in the Universe is Tai Chi! So Tai Chi is the study of the Universe and understanding the Law of Nature. Tai Chi Quan, on the other hand, is a set of human movements following such law. Studying Tai Chi Quan properly can lead to the understanding of the Law of Nature. Unfortunately, many practitioners are stuck at the technical level of Tai Chi Quan and never see the forest for the trees.

Summer – Back Pain’s Friend Or Foe?

When it comes to back pain, summer is the busiest time of the year. You would assume that winter may be worse as it’s very cold, which would allow us to seize up but you would be wrong. The problem is we have a winter that extends for months in the UK and when a bit of sunshine appears we decide that it’s time to do everything we possibly can outside. But as they say shouldn’t we make hay when the sun shines? Yes we should but we shouldn’t overdo it.

Goals: Set and Let Your Habits Do the Rest

Goals are the foundation of success in any area. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, if you don’t set goals, you won’t achieve success. When it comes to health and wellness, many people don’t set goals or set unrealistic goals. This make success very difficult if not impossible. It doesn’t have to be.

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