Which Zodiac Signs Are Obsessed With Fitness

Does Water Help You Lose Weight – Find Out How

Many of us have heard the popular theory that says you should drink water to lose weight, But can an extra one or two glasses of H2O really help you shed pounds? Read the facts.

Everything That Is Important To Know About Adrenal Fatigue

Get an idea on the gravity of specific physical discomforts like adrenal fatigue. Learn how to avoid the symptoms and live a healthy life. Do not forget to consult a physician for proper treatment.

Living Better While Living Longer

We are living longer today than ever. As life expectancies increase, so does the need for new tools to promote self-sufficiency and social contact.

Feeling Fatigued? Tired All the Time? Suspect Your Thyroid and Take These Steps

If you’re fatigued, tired all the time, no get up and go, your thyroid might be in need. Check here to review your symptoms, then try these simple dietary tweaks to help you regain control.

Importance of Clinical Research Trials on Investigational Drugs

Safety of treatment is a very important reasons for every one of us. We always think of safety when we go through any kind of treatment. Clinical research trials made to offer safety on treatment by doing a thorough research on the medication and the disease a patient holds.

Uses of Plain X-Rays

Without a doubt, numerous technologies like Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI) and Ultrasound Imaging (UI) have surfaced over the years in the medical industry. But, plain x-rays hold their importance till date when it comes to diagnosing different kinds of illnesses. Plain x-rays or radiography involve use of an x-ray generator to produce an x-ray beam which passes through the required object like the body part that needs to be examined.

The Ethics Of Denying Treatment

Some self-proclaimed “ethicists” claim we should abandon promising research at the risk of playing God. There is nothing ethical about banning a gene therapy that could prevent awful diseases from being passed to the next generation.

Medical Imaging – Role in Radiology

The branch of medicine which aims at diagnosing and directing a treatment for a particular injury or illness using the imaging technology is dubbed Radiology. Radiology may be categorized into two fields, viz. diagnostic and interventional radiology.

TALENs Technology for Targeted Genome Editing

TALEs (Transcription Activator-Like Effectors) are proteins that bind to DNA in a sequence-specific way. The newly-developed transcription activator-like effectors nucleases (TALENs) comprise of a nonspecific DNA-cleaving nuclease fused to a DNA-binding domain that can be easily engineered so that TALENs can target essentially any sequence.

Health, Vitality, and Courage – How To Build A Solid Fitness Routine

Lots of folks are interested in improving their vitality and health through workouts, but not everyone has the courage to do the work to produce those results. You need a combination of diet, nutrition, and a vigorous fitness routine.

How to Build Your Immune System To Fight Viruses

Discover immense benefits in your health by utilizing an effective detox to purge toxins for a stronger immune system. Traditional health teaches us how to be our own pharmacy and doctor unaware with the medicine in our kitchen. For instance garlic is prized for its antibiotic properties. Curcumin acts as an anticancer warrior while many other spices are repleted with elements that enhance your digestive power. Considering these facts, the immune system strengthens when there’s no adversity against the body.

Discover the Breakthrough Height-Growth Method That Totally Beats Genetics

This article introduces a breakthrough height-gain method that guarantees height to anyone even after post puberty periods. The genetic determination of human height has been successfully challenged by this method. The existing theories regarding genetic determination of human height has been proven wrong by this method.

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