Who Are the Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs?

Wellness Engagement: Why I Love Cartoons In Health Communication

Laughter is a universal language. A place of common ground. Cartoons make us laugh because they allow us to suspend belief and enjoy the preposterous.

3 Big Problems With Big Wellness Programs For Small Businesses

Some of the masters and mavens of big workplace wellness programs are touting their wears to the small business community. They do indeed have some interesting information to share.

Employee Wellness Incentive Programs Made Simple?

The promise of making wellness incentives is simple. Don’t use them.

Botox and The Overactive Bladder

Can Botox be used as a viable treatment option for those with an over active bladder or incontinence? There are many studies asking this same question, and the answer is that yes, Botox may be just as good as medication for relieving symptoms of an overactive bladder.

Cutting Caffeine Intake to Help Manage Incontinence

Caffeine is a diuretic and a bladder stimulant that can cause a sudden need to urinate. If you already have incontinence, this added irritant and stimulant can push you over the edge and cause even more accidents.

Understanding Self Defence

Self Defence is the term used to describe a wide range of strategies and tactics in order to keep you safe. Self Defence should be considered as a continuum ranging from insuring the issues don’t arise all the way through dealing with the legalities and after effects of a situation. An effective self defence system must take into account the tactics required for different situations and also the environment.

How Plastic Surgeons Typically Perform Facelifts

Plastic surgeons usually employ similar methods when performing facelifts on their patients. Once you choose your doctor, he or she will make sure you are thoroughly prepared so that you know what to expect both before and after your procedure.

18 Reasons Why It Rocks to Become a CrossFit Athlete

Ermahgerd- Crersfert!” Is probably the first thing that comes to mind to the many who have never experienced an exercise routine with such high demands. Just looking at the bodies of Crossfit athletes is enough to intimidate even those who are vigilant in regular exercise. Crossfit is known for the awesome, powerful results it has on the bodies of all those who stick with the intense, hardcore activities it involves.

5 Lessons From One of America’s Greatest Pioneers of Health and Wellness Promotion

Dr. Lewis C. Robbins, the architect of the HRA, a very special man with a passion for preventing disease, and seeing people live a life of full potential. His vision was positive, can do, and competitive!

Wellness Programs for Small Workplaces

A small business offers more of a family atmosphere than a big workplace. Thus, the approach can and must be different − and creative.

Important Information Concerning Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is common in people who want to have a more youthful, alert appearance. This information will help you determine whether or not you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Are Workplace Wellness PhD Experts For Real?

Just reading the titles of our enlightened, academicians’ wellness speeches and papers gives me an A+ migraine. Really, who are these people?

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