Why This Dentist Refuses To Perform Root Canals

10 Valentines Day Gifts of Health, Wellness and Fitness

It’s February. A month dedicated to love and heart health. Embrace that theme and give a Valentines gift of health and wellness this year. Here are ten intangible gifts that go beyond ‘stuff’ and provide your loved one with the tools for a healthier, happier life.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Deceptive Glimmers of Cognition

Even through the dark and hazy eyes of the person with Alzheimer’s disease, there are flashes and dashes, speckles and glimmers of remembrance. These moments bring hope, even though as the speckles diminish the hope becomes weaker. Good days are good; bad days are horrible. And while the victim of the disease may seem lost in oblivion, s/he can reappear in full glory at special moments. A correct diagnosis is so important.

Osteopathy and Sinus Congestion

Osteopathic treatments can help drain sinus congestion and make one feel more comfortable during an upper respiratory infection. The article discusses how this is possible.

Why Do We Get Knots In Our Muscles?

Muscles get “knots” for a reason and are not random as your doctor may believe. This post explores why muscles may develop “knots” and be hypersensitive.

Can Vitamin D Prevent Cancer and the Flu

This tells about vitamin D and its ability to help the immune system. A stronger immune system helps the body to prevent the flu and diseases like cancer.

Improving Health Through Exercise and Nutrition

When we talk of health, physical health is what is understood though our mental health is also a very important component of any health and fitness plan. The definition of health is not a universally accepted one and it is described as the absence of illness and injury.

How To Recognize And Treat Head Lice

Head lice infestation is common, but it’s difficult to diagnose. What are some treatment options once the infestation with a pesky parasite is confirmed?

How To Recognise The Junk in All Junk Food!

You know what I mean by junk food. Things like beef burgers, chips, waffles, biscuits, high sugar content fizzy drinks, sweets… high salt, processed foods etc, right? What distinguishes junk from good food? Junk food has…

The Overlooked Importance of Private Ambulance Services

We are surrounded by things we take for granted every day; things that we would never miss until they’re gone. Both big things (electricity, the internet) and small things (light switches, selection of food). Take away any of these things and we would see massive changes in our lifestyle and quality of living.

Chemicals In Household Products – Cleaning Products Are Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

Many persons assume that chemicals used to formulate shampoos and soaps and lotions have been carefully tested and are safe. But as crazy as it may sound, unlike pharmaceuticals or pesticides, industrial chemicals do not have to be tested before they are put on the market, and the majority of chemicals in use today have never been independently tested for safety.

Structuring A Cross Fit Workout

Cross fit is intent to develop conditioning abilities which includes intensity, performance, balance, flexibility, speed, power and stamina. It has been utilized by the military and police officers, fire fighters and sports athletes to build efficient exercises by turning up the level of strength. Also, the average person can implement this functional program to achieve his targets of improving, shaping down or building any aspects of physical fitness. You will never be tired by the large number of various workouts you can include into a cross fit programs. You can stop at a gym that instructs cross fit, observe someone else’s routine or make an exercise by yourself.

The Many Facets of Diode Module Lasers in the Medical Industry

The medical industry has increasingly utilized diode module lasers for a growing number of applications in no small part because of their precision and consistent accuracy in patient alignment (i.e., in their use with MRI machines, X-ray systems, CT scanners). Certain procedures require absolute accuracy and stillness, such as soft tissue treatment and patient alignment, which diode module lasers greatly support.

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