Why You Can’t Succeed According To Your Zodiac Sign

What Do You Need to Know About Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy can be used to treat various types of painful conditions that are associated with degenerative discs, disc herniation and posterior facet syndromes. The computerized traction device helps relieve the chronic pain by targeting the problem areas of the spine in a precise manner.

Overview of the Endoscopy Procedure

Patients who will be undergoing an endoscopy should familiarize themselves with the procedure in order to prepare themselves. Knowing common symptoms, prep, and recovery will help patients feel more at ease with the procedure.

How to Lower Triglycerides – Cut Down Cholesterol Levels Naturally

High levels of cholesterol and triglycerides can be dangerous if left neglected. They can trigger various health risks such as cardio risks or brain stroke. Read how to cut down triglycerides and cholesterol in the most natural way possible.

Dysphagia: Diagnosis, Treatment and Controversies

Have you ever swallowed and had food “go down the wrong way”? For an estimated 15-40% of adults over the age of 60 this is a constant concern. Dysphagia is simply defined as any difficulty or inability to swallow. It is not a disease, but a disruption of a normal process. Problems at any point during the swallow can result in difficulty swallowing.

4 Underutilized Services at Your Local Barber

A trip to the barber has long been equated with a haircut. However, these stylists actually offer a number of services, including shaves, trims, facials, and colorings.

The Importance of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation is the backbone to ensuring health care gets to those who need it. Recent changes in Medicare laws make it a mandatory requirement for those in low-income areas.

Do You Have Cysts, Growths or Tumours?

A cyst is a pouch or sac with a membrane around it and no real opening. It is usually filled with fluid or some kind of matter and can develop in an organ or in any body cavity. It can also be filled with hardened material. Some health professionals believe that some cysts can be caused by free radical calcium or an imbalance of minerals in the body.

New Innovations for Varicose Veins Treatment

Vascular issues plague many people. Outdated varicose veins treatments are often difficult and uncomfortable for patients, but newer options are more effective and less invasive.

The Health of the Immune and Lymphatic System

While we often talk about the immune system, it can be hard to visualise exactly what it is and how it works in practice. The immune system is one of the most incredible and complex systems in the body, able to spring into action in defence against harmful ‘invaders’ (like bacteria and viruses) within minutes by releasing antibodies. As one of our most important health assets, it therefore makes sense to do all we can to support and even boost our immunity

4 Reasons That May Be Causing Your Gut Bloating

There are some fundamental reasons why so many people suffer with the uncomfortable condition of bloating. Here I outline four of the top contenders. 1. A diet high in carbohydrates and sugars that is feeding pathogenic organisms in your gut. Unbeneficial bacteria and yeast in your gut, who love to feed of carbohydrates and sugars, may well be causing you to feel bloated.

How to Stay in Shape While Working Crazy Hours in Real Estate

It’s been said that once you hit the magical number of 30, your metabolism rate will start to go downhill. But for others who have a desk job like I do, noticing a decrease in their bathroom visits as early as 21 isn’t really unusual. The catch is: it is neither your age nor your body to blame for this misfortune.

Inflammation – What Does It Mean and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

Inflammation is a word that is thrown around a lot these days. It continues to be understood as a major factor in health versus illness.

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